canada day

As I do each month I am outlining how I spent my time on Council activities during the month of July, as well as providing a disclosure of those things I was paid to attend above and beyond my base Council remuneration.

July 1 Canada Day
4 hours
Council attended the Canada Day ceremonies to serve hot dogs and cake

July 2 = MPC meeting
1 hour
Regular meeting of the Municipal Planning Commission

July 9 = CRB prep
1.5 hours
Met with Mayor and CAO to review Capital Region board agenda

July 10 = Capital Region Board
5 hours
Regular Capital Region Board meeting in Edmonton

July 12 = Gibbons Parade
3 hours
Attended Gibbons Parade with Mayor Holmes to represent Morinville

July 15 = Work Shop
1.5 hour
Council held a workshop to get caught up on Organizational Review progress. We budgeted $100,000 this year to do a full efficiency review of the organization.

July 15 = Meeting with residents
1 hour
I am always available to speak to residents on their concerns.

heritage 2 - july 15

July 15 = Heritage Lodge visit
1 hour
I try to visit Heritage Lodge once a month to bring them up to speed on what is happening and what we are working on, also to listen to their concerns.

July 17 = Funeral Mayor Ouellette
4 hours
Represented Council at the funeral of Mayor Albert Ouellette.

July 18 = Change of Command
3 hours $000.00
mileage was charged
Attended the Change of Command Ceremony for Western Division

July 22 = Review proposals
4 hours
Spent the evening at home reviewing 16 consultant proposals for our Organizational Review.

July 23 = Danielle Smith talk
5 hours
Travelled to Westlock with Councillor Fitzgerald to hear the leader of the opposition speak on a number of matters.

July 26 = Legal Fete Parade
2.5 hours
$100.00 per diem
Travelled to Legal with Councillor Fitzgerald to represent the community and Council at Legal’s 52nd Fete.

July 27 = Tour de l’Alberta
6.5 hours
$200.00 per diem
Attended as Deputy Mayor while mayor was on holiday to provide support and to launch some of the bike runs.

July 28 = Meeting Org Review
2 hours
In the mayor’s holiday absence I met with CAO to discuss progress of our Organizational Review and on moving forward with selecting a consultant to do the project.

July 29 = Org Review References
5 hours
In the mayor’s holiday absence I sat in with the CAO as she did reference checks on Council’s preferred two candidates for the Organizational Review.

July 30 = Best Gardens contest
4.5 hours
Visited 17 gardens as Deputy Mayor along with other judges to select this year’s winners.

Total time commitment July 54.5 hours

Total per diems beyond base remuneration = $640
mileage charged for one event