The June 24 meeting of Council will take place at Town Hall at 7:30 p.m. As always, the public is welcome to attend, and as always – feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns related to the agenda.

Here’s what is on tap for Tuesday night. Italicized text is my commentary on the agenda.

5.0 Deputy Mayor Mayor L. Holmes
5.1 Councillor Stephen Dafoe

Tuesday night I will be sworn in as Deputy Mayor. Each member of Council will serve eight months as Deputy Mayor. In the past ut was been a six-month term per Councillor because the term of office was three years. With the increase in the election time frame to four years, each Deputy Mayor appointment has been increased to eight months. Councillor Putnam has done a great job taking first shift and I will work hard to achieve the same standard he did during his run.

6.0 Pride of Morinville Mayor L. Holmes
6.1 Brian Johnston, Morinville Fire Department

Brian was recently recognized for a long service medal in Edmonton. Not all of us could attend, so Brian will be honoured here at home Tuesday night.

7.0 Delegation
7.1 Bernie Blouin, Morinville Resident 6
Noise Pollution
7.2 MPES Playground, Leah Elzinga 7

Delegations are an important part of the process. It allows residents to bring forward concerns, ideas and reports to Council in front of the public and the media. Tuesday will see a resident express concerns about engine retarder brakes and another speak to their plans for a new school/community playground.

8.0 Presentation
8.1 Website Update D. Oyarzun

The Town’s website is in a process of revision to make it more user friendly and capable of powering some of the services the Town can now offer online.

Regular Meeting of Council Tuesday, June 24, 2014
Agenda Page 2
9.0 Public Hearing
9.1 Bylaw 13/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) Mayor L. Holmes 8
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 3/2012
9.2 Bylaw 14/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) Mayor L. Holmes 9
Off-Site Levy Bylaw
9.3 Bylaw 15/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) Mayor L. Holmes 10
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 3/2012
10.0 Bylaws
10.1 Bylaw 13/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) G. Hofmann 11-22
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 3/2012
10.2 Bylaw 14/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) G. Hofmann 23-100
Off-Site Levy Bylaw
10.3 Bylaw 15/2014 (2nd & 3rd Reading) G. Hofmann 101-144
Amendment to Land Use Bylaw 3/2012

Council has several pieces of bylaw to deal with. These are a continuation of items brought before us earlier. Traditionally, first reading of a bylaw is an opportunity for Council to ask clarifying questions only. No debate is had at that time. Second and third reading is where debate would take place, after the public hearing, should one be required.

11.1.1 Community Grant Applications D. Schaefer 145-166
2nd Intake 2014

The Community Grants are an opportunity for individuals and groups to get funding from the Town for initiatives and events that benefit the Town’s residents or bring Morinville to regional, provincial and even national events.

11.1.2 CCC Series D. Schaefer 167-174

At the June 10 meeting of Council, I put forward a motion requesting Administration bring back the profit and loss figures on the final two events in the 2013/2014 Morinville Community Cultural Centre Concert Series as well as a complete list of what acts had been committed to for the 2014/2015 season.

11.1.3 Capital Project Update D. Oyarzun 175-177

This is an update to the various infrastructure projects the Town of Morinville has underway.

11.2 Sponsorship
11.2.1 Chamber Golf Tournament D. Oyarzun 178-181
11.2.2 2014 Redwater Council Golf Tournament D. Oyarzun 182-184

Council is regularly asked to sponsor various events, including golf tournaments. Tuesday will see two sponsorship requests come forward from the Chamber and the Town of Redwater.