I am really excited to move forward with building a vision for the future of recreation for Morinville residents, and I’m inviting you to take part.

When Council passed the 2014 budget we passed a budget with $1 million to go towards the replacement of the arena / future recreation needs.

As we said during the budget open houses, we would pass the budget, speak with user groups in March, then go out to the public for consultation in April. The day after passing the 2014 budget we sat down with minor hockey, junior hockey, senior hockey, FunTeam hockey, and the curling club to discuss short- and long-term thoughts as well as share the consultant’s report the previous council had authorized. Two days later we sat down with the Rotary Club of Morinville and the Chamber of Commerce.

At the Trade Show that ran Apr. 11 to 13 we launched our public consultation piece, asking residents of Morinville and surrounding area to take our online survey. As of this writing and one week after that launch we now have more than 800 survey responses, information we will be sharing at our Open House Apr. 28.

Here’s How you Can Help!

1 – Take The Online Survey

2 – Download and review the consultant’s report.

3 – Send me your thoughts and concerns by filling out a form on my Contact Page.

4 – Attend the open house